Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spliced - Fairly Odd Princesses

I was looking through my older posts and realized that, even though I really like this show, haven't talked about it in a while.

I'll be honest. The last time I talked about the show and made a post about the show, I didn't feel it did the source material justice. Oh, the post isn't bad, I'm not saying that I already hate my own material now. It's just I felt that something was lacking from that post and some of my old jokes are just plain not holding up. I'm personally blaming it on the fact that it was one of the first posts I ever did for this site (Internet writing has a very steep learning curve) so now I hope I can appease the Spliced fanbase (all five of you) by writing a better post!

And what a better way to talk about the show than by actually talking about the episode that really introduced me to the show.

Now, while Stuck Together (the last episode I talked about when introducing the show in my blog) is a good episode and is technically, being a part of the first episode, how most people were introduced to this show, I myself consider this episode to be my show starter. It was the episode that helped prove to me that this was a show worth watching, because it had a giant gorilla with a pony hand making diamonds in its huge monkey fists while a dolphin wore a dress and performed fairy magic. No other cartoon has that, and I doubt no cartoon ever will.

That being said, let the show reference a completely different cartoon in this episode's title while I talk at length about fairies in...

Fairly Odd Princesses

October 10, 2009

Online Only (or still in reruns, depending on the territory)

One of the good things about this episode is that it happens to have some of the other mutants that weren't really present in the previous episode I talked about, meaning I won't have to repeat so much of my own material. I'll get to Princess Pony Apehands later because I'm going to need all the space I can get to talk about her, so instead I'll talk about the first hideous mutant this show opens on,
Fuzzy Snuggums. I'm seriously not making that name up, by the way. You gotta admire a cartoon that willingly hires five-year-olds to help with the design.

Looking more like a reject from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends than a terrifying science experiment meant to take over the world,
Fuzzy Snuggums is some sort of weird thing with a timid, child-like voice and a freakishly huge head much larger than his body that's constantly trying to seek adventure away from the island. Unfortunately, he constantly fails in his escape attempts because they have a status quo to maintain. Before you ask, no, I have no idea what animals he's made out of. Unlike most of the other mutants, it's really unclear as to what Fuzzy is made out of, besides fairy floss and sickeningly sweet adorableness. I'm guessing the mad scientist responsible for birthing these sins against nature was bored one day and wanted to see if he could create a Dr. Seuss character.

My brain is undecided between finding Fuzzy cute or finding Fuzzy terrifying.
His escape contraption for the day happens to be an innocent-looking armchair and, like anyone who doesn't know that they're just inches away from total failure, he's really certain that this attempt is going to be the attempt that works. He even tearfully bids farewell to his friends, which are a group of coconuts with faces on them, because every good cartoon needs at least one Cast Away reference.

And even though this island is fully populated with a bunch of different mutants of many shapes and sizes and is not a deserted island by any means of the world, Fuzzy still could only make friends with inanimate objects in order to fight off his overwhelming loneliness. Awww, now I feel bad for this googly-eyed mockery of Mother Nature's creations.

I'm really digging the :3 face coconut.
Since his device is an armchair, this happens to attract the attention of Peri (the orange Spongebob-like one) and Entrée (the Patrick-like one), our two loveable main characters. Thanks to the laws of comedy, Entrée doesn't so much walk onto the scene as he does teleport, because one moment, Fuzzy's by himself, talking to his imaginary coconut friends, and the next moment, the cow/pig/chicken/shrimp mutant's passed out on his chair, snoring away. I like how the supposedly fat, stupid one can be as stealthy as he pleases just so long as he's guaranteed a nap for his efforts.

I also like how neither of them find this situation weird. Oh sure, they have tentacles and udders and all that good stuff, but that doesn't excuse the fact that Fuzzy here has an armchair just sitting outside on a beach while he was talking to fruit. I bet when Fuzzy was feverishly painting faces on those coconuts in order to give a physical form to the awful voices in his head, everyone on Keep Away Isle just assumed Sir Snuggums has a weird, frightening hobby. Now I wonder if Fuzzy's home is covered from floor to ceiling with silent, eternally staring coconuts, each in a different state of decay, their awkward, hairy presence unnerving anyone who dares enter his lair.

Oh right, the cartoon. Moving on...

"So, Fuzzy. How's your Dissociative Identity Disorder treating you?"
It turns out that the reason Fuzzy Lumpkins Snuggums has a chair sitting out in the open is not because he's insane (even though he certainly is), but because this isn't just any armchair. Turns out it's also a spring-loaded catapult and, when Peri tries to make an adjustment, it sends them flying through the air.

Luckily, Entrée has wings (and I won't hold it against you if the fact that Entrée's arms are really wings came as a surprise), so he's able to slow their fall. According to Peri, they would actually die if they fell from that high of a height instead of merely splatting against the ground and then turning into accordions like the old Looney Tunes shorts. Entrée may have giant nipples for feet, but he still operates with the same kind of logic as the rest of us mere mortals. basically, if
Entrée and Peri didn't sit on that armchair, Fuzzy Snuggums would've most assuredly fallen to his death. Now that's a pleasant thought to start the cartoon on. Fuzzy is not only suffering from schizophrenia, but he's also incredibly reckless.

Entrée really overdoes it on the eyeshadow.
With his vestigial body parts saving the day, the two goofy companions merely partake in some slapstick and some property damage when they hit the city instead of grotesquely dying and having the society of freakish abominations end up sentencing Fuzzy with unintentional manslaughter. I'm not sure where all the mutants on Keep Away Isle got the supplies to build their houses, their stores, and their fancy city streets from. I'm just going to assume that some freak hurricane blew several freight ships carrying several thousand tons of lumber and nails were washed ashore. 

And, through a series of cartoon physics, they crash through several beauty salons and clothes stores until they land in a tree, all dressed up and covered in fancy makeup. So, why would the genetic experiments have clothes and wigs if, most of the time, the entire cast walks around butt-naked? Entrée's main form of locomotion is considered obscene enough as it is without having to ponder the fact that he's also nude on top of that. And presumably great-tasting.

Ah well. At least they're color-coordinated.

Entrée's bra is in the wrong spot.
Unfortunately, the tree they landed in happens to be the tree next to Princess Pony Apehands' house. The best way to describe Princess is to say that they stuck Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory in Seth Brundle's teleportation pod with a giant gorilla. On one hand, she likes tea parties and teddy bears and frilly things, but on the other hand, most of the people on the island are afraid of her because when she gets mad, bones end up breaking.

What use this creature would have in the mad scientist's domination, though, I really have no clue. I'm just going to assume that, like Fuzzy Snuggums, the sick freak of a doctor decided that he wanted a goddamn gorilla with a horse's head running around and nobody was going to tell him otherwise. I can see why the authorities were able to catch this guy now. He has no rhyme or reason to his schemes.

That being said, I'll be honest. This is a really fun twist on the whole "young girly princess character that loves ponies, fairies, and pink" archetype that pops up from time to time in these shows. The fact that her voice is manly as hell while still having a cutesy lisp just makes everything better. Apehands for president.

The most accurate representation of the brony subculture ever.
While Princess is coloring, she's interrupted by the sound of two assholes crashing into her house and later her tree. At first, it looks like she's going to kill them (because Princess's tactic for anything that annoys her is to beat it up until it stops moving), until she sees their pretty little dresses and makeup. Instantly, her mood changes from murderous anger to child-like joy, because she thinks that honest to god fairies have arrived and are here to be her friends. Man, it's a good thing Peri and Entrée crashed through women's clothing instead of male clothing or else the rest of the episode would be us watching those two slowly recover in Keep Away Isle's Intensive Care from the many bone fractures received from an angry gorillapony.

And yet I can't help but feel sorry for poor Princess Pony Apehands. She was dreaming for fairies to be her friends for quite some time, and the ones that finally do show up are ugly as hell. If I was a little girl and an obese pig-cow fairy with a coconut bra and droopy udder feet appeared in my home, I'd need intensive therapy in order to safely reenter society.

"Princess drew fanart! Please +fav and leave comment!"
And oh my god, I practically died laughing when she hugs them. In the beginning of this post, I mentioned that this was the episode that proved to me that this was a show worth watching, and I think it was this scene that did it. I've said it once and I'll say it again. This cartoon, while it is a Flash cartoon, has great exaggeration and great moments where the animation is really fluid.

Now, a moment of silence for our two protagonists' spines, which most assuredly got liquified by that power hug.

"Princess am biggest fan! Please comment on Princess cosplay!"
At first, Peri tries to correct the giant hulking monster over their true identity, but that's when Entrée quickly and wisely shuts his friend up (because otherwise the monkey monster is going to kill them) and insists that they're both fairies just so that she can help them out of the tree. In the scrumptious mutant's words, the reason they can't get down is because their wings fell off. Makes sense to me.

Man, there's nothing like taking advantage of a developmentally disadvantaged acquaintance's trust in order to advance the plot. Am I right?

Who wouldn't trust that face?
Once they're freed from the tree's branches (although they could've just removed their clothing, even if that would be distressing for Princess), they wisely run away before King Kong's daughter catches wind that she's been tricked. But, when the two mutated animals arrive at Peri's house and start to dwell upon just what the hell happened back there, a sinister thought floats through the bacon-flavored recesses of Entrée's brain. If they can convince Princess to help them out of that tree, then maybe they can make her do other crap for them as well! Light bulb!

Peri, of course, thinks this sounds like a terrible idea (and it is), because they're going to be lying to someone who can dissolve their skulls with just one well-aimed punch. He ends up going along with it anyways, because they have a plot to maintain and plus
Entrée is going to look like a major dumbass doing his Ed, Edd, and Eddy-style scam all by himself.

So, I wonder if anyone is missing their bras and dresses. The reason they have those outfits on is because they crashed into someone's clothesline...

Man, those two are into some pretty kinky stuff.
From this information alone, you can guess what happens after that. The next day, Entrena Glitterwings and Perina Magicbutt (gotta love their fairy names) show up at Princess Pony Apehands' house and decide to make with the fake girly voices (or at least Entrée does; he puts way more of an effort in his work) and the sparklies in order to entrance their future slave. Princess is thrilled, because in her puny little mind, she thinks that the fae folk have come to make her wishes come true. Awww, that's so sweet coming from a purple-furred monstrosity.

I'm also curious as to how Apehands manages to put on that pearl necklace and tiara with her giant monkey fists.

Perina Magicbutt is totally rocking the 80's look.
And, since I can't figure out where else to point this out, I might as well make note of the strange running gag in this episode where, whenever Peri tries to say something that can compromise their scheme, Entrée shoves something in his mouth. I totally didn't mean for that to come out as a double entendre, but that's what he does.

At first, the items are innocuous, like a tree branch, but they quickly get more and more absurd because over time,
Entrée's Shove Thing in Peri's Mouth skill gains experience and levels up, so the items turn into things like bike tires and tricycles. It's nice of Entrée to break his friend's jaw before Princess Pony Apehands can get a chance to do so.

This scene also helps to differentiate Entrée from Patrick, the fat idiot friend protagonist that Entrée is constantly compared to by useless hacks like myself. You see, while Patrick is an idiot who can sometimes be a jerk, Entrée is a jerk that can sometimes be an idiot. There's a key difference!

Peri, do you have enough tricycles to share with the rest of the class?
Their pursuit is a simple one. What they do (or rather, what Entrée does) is purposely withhold any fairy magic from Princess until she does what they say. I could've sworn this is the same plot used in the ancient Greek play Lysistrata. Good for Spliced to somehow manage to adapt it for a younger crowd.

Course, when they ask favors from Princess, she really goes all out. The fat one asks for some ice cream, so our hulking little princess suddenly pulls out a goddamn ice cream truck and showers them with frozen delights. Yeah, I can see why it was so tempting to scheme Pony Apehands now.

By the way, for those curious, Peri and Entrée are going to be in dresses for the vast majority of this episode. I love how comfortable they are with crossdressing.

"Aww, come on, can I have some of that ice cream, Entrée?"
"Only when you finish that tricycle."
As you can guess, this leads to a montage where they scam present after present of the overly trusting ape in order to show how long they were getting away with this. And, over time, Peri and Entrée get lazier and lazier with their fairy personas. This montage is kind of sad, partly because Peri, who was resisting this idea at first, gradually succumbs to the asshattery that his friend partakes in and he too becomes lazy and complacent in his infinite gifts. Ouch.

And if you don't end up feeling sorry for the enormous ape chimera after seeing this scene, then your heart is made of stone. She gives them snowmobiles, a new house (!), and brand new shoes, and they can't even summon enough energy to dance a decent fairy jig. Peri and Entrée are dicks.

"Aww man, my fairies suck!"
But wait! This plot is way too simple and a little mean-spirited for the writers' liking. Luckily, they managed a way to work the villains into this plot too. Turns out squirrelsquid and cowchickenpigshrimp are secretly being watched by Big Brother Mister Smarty Smarts and Octocat, thanks to their lovely computer monitor that happens to see right into Princess's house.


Okay, why do they have a camera in Princess Pony Apehands's house? How were they able to catch this simple act of greed out of all of the other actions currently taking place on the island? Were they just spying on Princess, or do they have a hidden array of thousands upon thousands of cameras lurking everywhere?

...oh god. What else can they see on Keep Away Isle!? This is a violation of the other mutants' privacy, Smarts!

"Ewww, this cartoon is made in Flash! I miss the 90's when cartoons were actually good."
Mister Smarty Smarts, in all of his creepy, off-putting, spying glory, is understandably impressed by their efforts to tame what is one of the most lethal monsters on the island. And now he wants some of that power for himself. That's a pretty concise villain plot for a dolphin fused with a chimpanzee fused with a Jack Russel Terrier. I guess with only eleven minutes for each segment, you can only work with so much.

Also, isn't it wonderful how this plot is basically everybody exploiting the same person just because they happen to be very gullible and very generous? Like normal human beings, the mutants in Spliced can have their moments where they're just absolute jerks to this one solitary person, all for the sake of personal gain. Now that's educational!

"I mean, hey, I didn't want these characters to be the actual villains of the episode.
I had to step in before they looked bad!"
Meanwhile, Magicbutt and Glitterwings are still being jerkasses to Princess Pony Apehands. It almost makes you want to look forward for the inevitable beating they're going to receive when you hear the poor horse-headed primate whimper in sadness. Awww, poor several ton gorilla mutant...

Why the long face?
Suddenly, Smartana Sparklekins the Fairy Queen arrives! Looking like some nightmarish version of my grandmother, Mister Smarty Smarts starts acting like he's an actual fairy queen (complete with a voice that sounds like a British nanny, making this scene a subtle Mrs. Doubtfire reference) and starts chastising Peri and Entrée for being absolutely awful in their magic. The two assholes freak out because they honestly, actually believe that this is an honest to god fairy queen and decide to listen to "her" so they don't get carted away by the fairy police. Keep Away Isle is not known for its high test scores, obviously.

I also just noticed that half of the screens in this post are this bizarre shade of pink. I was going to say "I sure hope no one with testosterone is reading this" but then I remembered that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic exists. The Internet can handle a little bit more pink.

Also, I totally dig the fact that, thanks to the way Smarty Smarts walks, the Fairy Queen looks like she has no arms. Hell, in closeups, you can clearly see where Smarty Smarts removed the sleeves and then stitched them in a way so that the dress was more suited for his body type. Does Princess just write these fairies off as deformed?
Even fairies are harmfully affected by pollution in the water supply!
And, even though this isn't at all important to the plot, there is a great line in this scene too perfect to go unnoticed. When Smartana the Fairy Queen chastises the fairy failures, she says to Entrée to wear black next time, which causes the pig to sadly look at his bra and sigh. Hee hee, adult humor in kid's cartoons. Love it.

And don't ask where he got the coconuts. They were carried to Keep Away Isle by migrating African swallows.
Instantly, the Fairy Queen takes control, not only bossing around Princess Pony Apehands, but the other two fairies as well. Because Smarty Smarts is, in fact, the established villain of this cartoon, and for him to be doing anything less would be to ruin his given role.

I have to say, watching Mister Smarty Smarts move around while in a dress is incredibly strange. Since his legs are also his arms, the fairy queen's body soon devolves into a shapeless lump when he performs certain gestures like sipping away on a wine glass. And yet no one questions it. I guess Keep Away Isle fairies are a strange, frightening breed. And now I wonder if they too are also allergic to iron.

"I am very confident in my heterosexuality."
As for Magicbutt and Glitterwings (if these names don't turn up in an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I'm going to be severely disappointed), they need to help her royal majesty with different pieces of fairy equipment. First we see Peri building Smartana's Fairy Orbiting Laser Satellite. Because, according to the Fairy Queen, if you slap the adjective "fairy" onto something, that means it's a fairy object.

And it took me a while to realize what the joke here was. At first I thought that Peri was just fine-tuning the laser satellite, but it turns out Peri was able to build that thing all by himself in an incredibly short amount of time. Suddenly my mind goes back to the previous episode I talked about, where this character was trying to figure out the reason why he's made, and sure enough, the answer's right here. Peri was probably meant to be that mad scientist's lackey, constantly building his gadgets for his world domination attempts. Oh, the cruel, unforgiving irony; like the finest Greek tragedy, Peri remains unaware of his true talents.

Also, does Princess Pony Apehands happen to have satellite parts just lying around her house? That monkey's badass!
"It looks like all of your RAM slots are filled. I can try replacing the motherboard, but I won't make any promises."
While Peri is performing great feats of scientific engineering, Entrée is hard at work building the Fairy Queen's Fairy Supercomputer.

Entrée doesn't get computers, obviously. Even though he's being animated by one.

"Well, you did say silicon..."
Fortunately, Princess is slowly growing agitated by people walking all over her and starts getting pretty pissed at the superdemanding fairies. As she eloquently puts it, "Princess want see fairy magic!"

This leads me to question the intelligence of this scheme that's being shared by Peri, Entrée, and Smarty Smarts. So what, they could provide the costumes and the glitter, and yet they couldn't think of a decent magic trick to placate the rampaging monkeybeast in case something like this happens? Geez, just a simple use of magnets or cards would probably be enough! If she can be fooled by a coconut bra and some wigs, then she can be fooled by simple ventriloquism or rope tricks.

Also, isn't it sad how the intro labelled this as a Princess Pony Apehands cartoon and yet she's getting used like a doormat? This cartoon is hilariously cruel.

"Hasbro made Princess Celestia's toy pink! RAAARGH!"
Instead of, oh I don't know, performing some sort of fake magic trick so that his spine doesn't get ripped out by an irate mutant, Sparklekins has a new task for Princess before she can see any magic. She "merely" needs to squeeze coal into diamonds.

...if you know anything about how diamonds are made, this becomes unquestionably frightening and, if anything, makes Peri, Entrée, and Smarty Smarts even bigger idiots. Princess Pony Apehands can honest to god squeeze coal into diamonds (which means that if she used that same amount of force on, say, people that were lying to her, they would most assuredly die) and yet they're still continuing to treat her like crap. I sure hope they left a last will and testament prior to going to her house.

And the expressions in this show are super amazing. Just look at Smarty Smarts there. He looks like, if he could, he would grab your soul with his bare hands and goddamn end your existence right then and there.

"The coal will BURN YOU."
Princess want see fairy magic though!

To make what is already a bad situation even worse, I just want to take the time and point out the backgrounds of Princess Pony Apehands' house. I like how the cutesy heart wallpaper is juxtaposed with animalistic rips and dirty monkey hand prints. It sort of reminds me of what The Beast's West Wing from Disney's award-winning classic would look if The Beast was a six year old girl.

Incidentally, Smarty Smarts was able to produce a very sizable pile of coal for the giant primate to squish into diamonds. Does that mean that Keep Away Isle has a gigantic coal mine somewhere? Now I'm curious as to whether the coal factored into one of the crazy mad scientist's evil schemes before he got arrested.

"Rainbow Dash is best pony! Rarity sucks!"
So the three fairies, slowly realizing that they're inches away from having their jerkasses killed, have an argument over who's going to perform some goddamn fairy magic. And, slowly but surely, Mr. Smarty Smarts quickly escalates himself as "Favorite Spliced Character" pretty quickly in my mind just because his expressions keep deepening in severity while he's talking to other two. He doesn't just shout "Do some fairy magic!" at them; he has to also look like he's inches away from driving a hammer into their skulls as well.

I want you to look at these faces. Study them, examine them in a lab even. If you can gaze upon these hideous visages and still say that this cartoon looks terrible because it was done in Flash, then I have nothing more to say to you. You're obviously dead inside.

And is it just me, or is Smarty Smarts' hair a reference to The Flintstones?

Smarty Smarts has a lot of feelings.
That's when Peri somehow realizes that he's not the fairy queen (probably because he realizes, oh hey, fairies don't usually have satellites); he's Mister Smarty Smarts! So both he and Entrée decide to strip him and reveal him to be the massive liar that he is.

...yes, at one point in this cartoon, forceful stripping becomes a plot device. What a magical, mythical episode this is.

This is hot.
But then, right after that happens, Smarty Smarts strips them of their fairy disguises too, just to get back at them! Ha, cinematic retribution!

Anyone with a brain can see just how bad of an idea this is. Oh, these poor naive fools.

This blog post has been brought to you by the color pink.
There's just one teensy weensy problem to their reveal.

And when I say teensy weensy, I mean "there's a really scary ape monster able to make diamonds with her fists that they've been lying to for practically this entire episode".

The saddest part of this though has to be the fact that, after all the crap they've done to her, instead of feeling pity for three people who are about to turn into three bloody splatters on Princess's knuckles, I was cheering her on. It's been pretty clearly established that they deserve this.

And then they all died.
But, instead of killing them, Princess Pony Apehands takes the civilized route and merely roughs them up a bit before throwing their useless carcasses out of her home. And I bet, after she did that, she cried herself to sleep because all of her hopes and dreams about fairy magic have been hopelessly crushed underneath the sharp heels of reality. See what you did, Entrée? Who's the real monster here?

And, even as a great allusion to that crazy nutcase we saw in the beginning of the episode, they even land next to Fuzzy Snuggums the coconut lover. Strangely, this time around, he doesn't have any of his creepy hairy pals with him. I'm guessing some horrible sacrifice to his pagan god occurred off-screen.

Not sure where he got the extra armchair though. I guess the mad scientist responsible for these aberrations also collected purple furniture in his spare time.

...and, oh my god. He saw Peri and Entrée narrowly avoid death with his lethal chair catapult of doom and yet he's still going to try it again? What the hell, Fuzzy?! You're a danger to yourself and others!

"Okay, it's clear my medication is not working."
Just to end the episode in a satisfying arc, Entrée even sits on the chair again and once again is shot into the stratosphere.

...but I'm not going to focus on that. I'm going to instead focus on how disturbing Entrée's locomotion is. Oh my god, Entrée walking is such a surreal experience. It's hard to portray this with mere stills, but he doesn't so much walk as have his many nipples drag him across the ground. Picture a caterpillar, only instead of legs, it's teats. Maybe the real reason they didn't have this on any of the major channels is because this blatant display of mammary glands was considered filthy and not fit to be shown to younger audiences.

And, I hate to bring this up since it'll probably gross all of my viewers out, but I wonder if Entrée can also lactate. Had to ask, what with the udder and all.

Fuzzy is aware of how strange this looks, and for that, he apologizes.
With the sight of a mutant designed entirely for consumption flying majestically through the air to his violent doom and Mister Smarty Smarts making a chicken joke that was also said at the very beginning of this episode segment (at one point, Entrée says that chickens live underwater; don't question it), we bid Spliced farewell and let the soft tingle of fairy magic cleanse our souls.

...I sure hope Princess Pony Apehands got rid of that laser satellite sitting in her house.

The Moral of this Cartoon
Crossdressing should not be used for evil.

Final Verdict

The Good
*The animation is actually really good for a Flash cartoon. I don't know how many pictures of Smarty Smarts I have to post before this can become apparent of course, but just take my word for it.
*The characters are very likeable.
Entrée, while does exhibit some Patrick-ish tendencies, is different enough from that character to be fun to watch. Smarty Smarts is always a joy to behold, and I even found myself liking Princess Pony Apehands.
*The pacing was really good. I can't emphasize this enough, but one of the things that makes cartoons good or bad is whether or not scenes go by too fast or too slow. Nothing dragged here, and it felt like they knew about how much time they had in advance and made a simple enough plot to go with that.
*The humor. While some jokes fell flat (there were some predictable jokes here and there), I did honestly get a kick out of the humor. I found this funny.
*Smarty Smarts' facial expressions. Best damn thing in this entire episode, hand's down.

The Bad
It was only 11 minutes long.
*Not enough people know this show exists.
*Okay, okay, fine. A legitimate complaint. The plot is kind of predictable.
*The color palette kind of stayed the same for most of the episode. That was an awful shade of purple they used.

The Final Decision
As you can probably tell, I really like this show and I really like this episode. This is one of those "irrelevant humor" shows that I actually find myself enjoying. Peri and
Entrée are believable as friends, and it's loads of fun seeing what wacky adventures they get themselves into. It's such a shame that this show never really had a chance, and unless the show started to get really bad in the later season, I can only dream of what could've been had this show had taken off and been as popular as Adventure Time or Foster's Home.

Clap your hands if you believe in mutants!